Zumba Music

Zumba® Music Resources
by Zumba in Winchester

While Zumba® music is of course widely available for purchase and download on the internet, some of you have asked for a convenient and legal way to listen to Zumba® tracks online.
We are happy to oblige and provide links below, to official Zumba® songs organised into playlists on the 8Tracks website.
8Tracs.com provides a legal way to create playlists and share them on the internet, subject to a few rules and restrictions. Links to purchase some of the songs are also provided.
You can listen to the music and create your own playlists, free of charge and share them with your friends. Great stuff for sharing and sampling fantastic Zumba® music, we believe!
Please note the playlists play back in different order every time, to give each track and artist equal exposure. For your convenience we present the content of our playlists, below each link:

Zumba® in Winchester 8track Playlist links:

Zumba Winchester, Hampshire, UK Mix1
  • Que Te Mueve – Merengue
  • Tunak Tunak – Punjabi Bhangra
  • No Me Dejes Solo – Tropical Pop
  • Jamaican Cumbria – Cumbria
  • Na Ponta do Pe – Axe
  • Zeina – Belly Dancing / Reggaeton
  • I Love Salsa
  • La Cumbia del Amor
Zumba Winchester, Hampshire, UK Mix2
  • Livin La Vida Loca – Latin Pop
  • La Vida Es Un Carnaval – Salsa
  • La Mujer del Pelotero – Merengue
  • Wiggle Wiggle – Merengue
  • La Alianza – Latin Dance
  • A Gozar Todo El Mundo – Merengue / Hip Hop
  • Latin Ritual – Warm Up / Cool Down
  • La Turbina – Hip Hop
Watch this space…more to come!